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Vanilla Custard
1 Dec 2012


Vanilla Custard | Snap a Bite

This is a base recipe, you can use it to make other edibles. We should have the first of these up later this week. For now you can try out the custard by itself, it’s delish.

Vanilla Custard | Snap a Bite

There’s all sorts of deliciousness to which you can add this creamy comestible, like pastry, tarts or pancakes. By itself, the custard is best served in small and cute containers. They also guard you from overindulging.

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Vanilla Custard

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Serves: 2-3 servings


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1/2 l milk (whole)
6 egg yolk(s)
90 gr sugar
20 gr cornstarch
15 gr flour
1/2 vanilla bean(s)


Fill a saucepan with the milk.
Add the vanilla bean seeds and scraped vanilla bean.
Heat on a medium temperatur just until it starts to boil.

While the milk is heating: get your mixer ready.
Mix the egg yolks with the sugar until white and fluffy.
Add the flour and cornstarch and mix.
The milk should be close to the boiling point by now.
Add a little bit of the hot milk and mix.

Add the mixture to the milk in the saucepan.
Heat it on a low temperature.
Keep stirring to prevent the custard from burning.
As soon as the custard starts boiling again, it's ready!
Remove the vanilla bean before using.


Seeing as you're stuck with six egg whites now, have a look at a few recipes to use up egg whites or you can freeze them!


recipe from Dagelijkse Kost


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