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Pecan Banana Danish
7 Oct 2012


Pecan Banana Danish | Snap a Bite

Sunday morning, last chance to sleep in before the week starts. It is now officially lazy sunday. You get up and start feeling a bit peckish. No flakes or stale bread for you today, it's time for a treat!

No need to rush things, you still need to wake up anyway. Snoring you say? Oh, that's the boyfriend who's still in bed. Ooh! Pecan Danish! Let's try to welcome him to the world of the fully awoken with a waft of his favorite breakfast delicacy.

Pecan and Banana Danish | Snap A Bite

Mortar and pestle at the ready people. Mix in the nuts, maple syrup, bananas, mascarpone cheese (Al Capone's favorite?) and vanilla. Don't forget to stray some from the recipe. You really like nuts? Toss in some extra. You don't like bananas? They're out of here! Personally, I snuck some Nutella into mine. But that's our little secret.

Now, get those arms to work!

Pecan and Banana Danish | Snap A Bite

You've got your nut-banana paste at the ready, and your puff pastry spread out. Now comes the hard part. Follow my instructions to the LETTER!

Take a spoon, and put it into the mortar. Load up paste and transfer it immediately unto the pastry. Yes, you heard me. Ignore the smell of the vanilla, the glistening maple syrup beckoning you for a taste. Your delicious ingredients are now conspiring against you. They want you to eat them right then and there, so you can't finish this recipe. But they underestimate you, they underestimate all of us. We will finish this.

After managing to get at least half of our paste unto our pastries, it's time to close up shop. Tuck in those bad boys. Just to make sure they have it warm enough, we'll put 'em into the oven.

Pecan and Banana Danish | Snap A Bite

And there you have it. I managed to conserve enough paste to get out four of these saliva catalysts. While baking them, my boyfriend stumbled into the kitchen. "Wha's tha?" he said, rubbing his eyes. "If you take a shower, they'll be ready when you are done." I keep my man in check. If I have to wait untill they're done, so does he.

After washing up he was allowed to eat these freshly baked banana pecan danishes. Oh, and could he help with cleaning the dishes later? In exchange for a breakfast like this, of course he could!

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Pecan Banana Danish

Preparation time: 10 min
Cooking time: 20-25 min
Serves: 4 pastries


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75 gr pecan nuts
4 teaspoon(s) of maple syrup
2 teaspoon(s) of vanilla extract
3 tablespoon(s) of mascarpone
1/2 banana(s) (ripe)
4 sheet(s) of puff pastry (10x10 cm)


For the pecan banana paste
Roast the pecan nuts for about 10 minutes on 200°C (392°F).
Add a handful of nuts to the mortar.
Crush the nuts until you get a butter-like consistency.
Continue until all nuts are chrushed.
Add the maple syrup, mascarpone, vanilla extract and the mashed banana to the nuts.
Stir until mixed together thoroughly.

Assembling the pastry
Mentally divide the pastry intro three parts.
Make incissions in the left and right part of the pastry.
Spread out the paste in the middle part of the pastry.
Fold the right and left parts of the pastry over the middle.
Brush the pastry with a little bit of water (or eggwash).
Add some crushed nuts on top of the pastry.

Bake for 20-25 minutes on 220°C (428°F) or until brown.


The spread is heavenly on bread as well! 


a recipe thought out by Snap A Bite.


Notes from readers

Annelies  •  10/8/2012 1:12:36 PM
It's nice to finally see a food blog in English that uses the metric system (grams, etc) instead of cups and so on.
Keep up the good work!
Sarah  •  10/8/2012 10:20:17 PM
Thanks a lot Annelies.
Let's try and keep this up indeed! :)
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