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Pasta Carborara
16 Dec 2012


Pasta Carborara | Snap a Bite

The title is deliberately written as it is. By experience we know that a fair share of the populace can lash out when you still call the dish carbonara after you’ve added cream to it. We added said cream, and then also involved peas and sun dried tomatoes (the kind which are more marinated than dried, more tangy than salty). So to accommodate those who are linguistically sensitive: Carborara.

Pasta Carborara | Snap a Bite

We still eat a lot of pasta. That is why you may notice a lack of potato dishes on this blog, even though we’re truebred Belgians. The ingredients of this recipe had guilt as their prime mover. All that pasta, lots of cream, lardon... they needed something fresh.

Pasta Carborara | Snap a Bite

You might think to yourself “why ruin carbonara with peas? The tomatoes I could understand, but peas?”. Well you might be in for a sumptuous surprise. The peas do not only add a different texture, they pop!

Blending flavor with healthiness, one dish at a time.

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Spaghetti Carbonara

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Serves: 2-3 servings


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3 egg(s)
3 dl cream (heavy)
100 gr lardon
100 gr peas (frozen)
75 gr parmesan cheese (grated)
15 pieces of tomato(s) (half sundried)
250 gr spaghetti


Boil water for the peas.
Put the peas in the boiling water.
After 1-2 minutes, drain them.

Bake the lardon in a frying pan.
Once ready, place onto paper towels.

Boil water for your pasta.
Cook the pasta according to the instructions on the package.

In a bowl: mix the cream and eggs.
Season with pepper.
Pour the mixture in the frying pan in which you baked the lardon.
Put it on a medium fire and keep stirring.
Once the sauce starts to thicken, lower the heat.
When the sauce has thickened enough, add the peas and lardon.
Add the pasta to the sauce and stir.

Plate up and add the sundried tomatoes at the very end.

source: this recipe is one that sprung from my mind.

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