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Crunchy salmon mango sushi

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 20-30 minutes
Serves: 5-6 rolls


1 mango(s)
6 teaspoon(s) of honey-chilli sauce
200 gr salmon
6 tablespoon(s) of onion(s)
1 sushi rice base


Prepare the sushi rice according to this base recipe.

Prepare your toppings:
Cut the mango and salmon in long strips.

Roll your sushi:
Place a sheet of nori in front of you.
Cover the sheet with a nice amount of rice.
Leave about 1,5-2 cm / 0.5-0.8 inch open at the top.
Spread some mayonnaise along the top edge of the roll.
Drizzle a teaspoon of honey-chilli sauce over the length of the sushi. Do this at about 3 cm / 1 inch away from the bottom.
Place long strips of mango and salmon on top of the sauce and finish off with the onions.

Using the sushi mat, tightly roll the sushi away from you until you reach the other end of the nori.
The mayonaise will help you seal the roll.
Remove the rolled sushi and transfer to a cutting board, seam side down.
Cut the roll in bite-size pieces using a very sharp knife.


Inspired by a sushi roll from Sushi Point.