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Chocolate Moelleux
6 Jan 2013


Chocolate Moelleux | Snap a Bite

Something a little different today. Mimi from culinary couture is a fellow foodblogitarian. She is going away for a few weeks and asked a few of us to send in a guest recipe to tide her site over until she gets back.

So follow this link if you want the details of this recipe, some extra shots and some witty banter.

A little extra for the fans: while writing the accompanying text, I sort of forgot the recipe wasn’t going up until after new years. That’s why there’s talk about celebrating peace, love and friendship. Then again, we’re celebrating those things each time we gather around a table with friends and/or family, just with less synthetic snow around us.

See you next time!

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Chocolate Moelleux

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 10-12 minutes
Serves: 2 servings


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50 gr chocolate (dark)
55 gr butter
25 gr flour (all purpose)
50 gr sugar
2 egg(s)


Grease two mini pudding moulds.
Sprinkle some cocoa powder over the butter and shake the moulds to evenly coat them.
Pre-heat your oven to 200°C/400°F.

Whisk 1 egg and 1 egg yolk. 
Add the sugar and whisk.
Add the sifted flour and whisk.
Melt the butter together with the chocolate.
Add the chocolate mixture to the egg mixture and whisk.

Divide the dough over the two moulds and bake for 10-12 minutes. 
Keep a close eye to them as you really do not want to overcook them!


recipe from Dagelijkse Kost


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