Here at snapabite, we strive to offer you the most lucious, sensual food-snaps available online. Whether you are looking for a gourmet dreamscape, or just want all-revealing shots of the most seductive cookeries, we hope to satisfy the needs of every palet.
So dig in and let your taste buds start their journey through strange and exciting lands.

Who are we? We are:

Sarah Cuypers • sarah@snapabite.com
Born and raised in Belgium, this aroma princess set up shop in the city of Ghent. Full time web developer by day, she retreats to her base of culinary operations in the evening. There she combines her love for delicious food with her keen eye for colour, using her trustworthy camera.

Frank De Raedt
This gent comes from Aalst originally, but relocated during his tour of duty at the university of Ghent. He now lives together with Sarah, who is his girlfriend, and also his project partner. For Snap A Bite he uses his many years of expertise to taste food and eat it.

Our couple also has another online project at www.comedyreflux.com, where the tables are turned and Frank takes to the creative forefront. Frank thinks and draws up gag cartoons, Sarah breathes them to live with her colouring.